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Pentagon Tell Republicans Climate Change Is Hurting the Military

favicon New Republic
2 mentions7 hours ago
Faced with mounting scientific evidence that humans are causing climate change, Republicans are having an increasingly hard time denying the facts. Those denials became even more laughable Tuesday, when one of the party's favorite agencies, the Department of Defense, told Congress that climate change is hurting military operations.At ...

Halliburton Fracking Spill Mystery: What Chemicals Polluted an Ohio Waterway?

favicon Mother Jones
8 mentions1 hour ago
On the morning of June 28, a fire broke out at a Halliburton fracking site in Monroe County, Ohio. As flames engulfed the area, trucks began exploding and thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals spilled into a tributary of the Ohio River, which supplies drinking water for millions ...

Halbig v. Burwell Argument Is a Fraud—Just Ask Scott Brown

favicon New Republic
4 mentions8 hours ago
It would be one thing if the conservative activists beseeching judges to cripple Obamacare stuck to the narrow claim that the plain meaning of one section of the statute, read outside the broader legislative context, moots Obamacare subsidies in states that didn't set up their own exchanges. Sorry ...

Darrell Issa Investigation Benefits Ex-Aide

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions1 hour ago
Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) has accused House oversight committee chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) of inappropriately intervening in an ongoing Federal Trade Commission case against a company being represented by a legal group run by a former Issa staffer. Last month, Issa sent a letter to the FTC ...

Watch Abortion Access Vanish in Texas (GIF)

favicon Mother Jones
10 mentions22 hours ago
Last Friday marked one year since Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) signed into law one of the nation's harshest abortion restrictions. The law, which state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) famously denounced during an 11-hour filibuster, imposes onerous restrictions on abortion clinics that are designed to shut them down.

Glenn Beck Tells Common Core Activists They Shouldn't Mention His Name

favicon Mother Jones
5 mentions5 hours ago
On Tuesday, 40 minutes into Glenn Beck's nationally broadcast "night of action" targeting the Common Core education standards being implemented in schools across the nation, a North Carolina activist named Andrea Dillon announced live that her state's governor had just signed a law directing the board of education ...

Twitter Releases Its Diversity Stats. And Boy, Are They Embarrassing.

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions20 hours ago
Twitter Releases Its Diversity Stats. And Boy, Are They Embarrassing.Twitter today followed in the footsteps of Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Facebook by releasing statistics on the race and gender of its workforce. The company certainly deserves credit for voluntarily making its diversity stats public, unlike, say, Apple. "Like ...

The Great Third-Pound Burger Ripoff

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions21 hours ago
The Great Third-Pound Burger RipoffOne of the most vivid arithmetic failings displayed by Americans occurred in the early 1980s, when the A&W restaurant chain released a new hamburger to rival the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. With a third-pound of beef, the A&W burger had more meat than the Quarter ...

How America Finances the Destruction in Gaza—and the Clean-Up

favicon Mother Jones
6 mentions1 day ago
On Monday, Israeli warplanes fired 182 missiles into Gaza, Israeli ships launched 146 shells into the territory, and Israeli tanks shot 721 shells, with all these attacks striking 66 structures and killing 107 Palestinians (including 35 children), while Hamas launched 101 rockets toward Israel, and 13 Israeli soldiers ...

That Antioxidant You're Taking Is Snake Oil

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions21 hours ago
Plants can't move. They're sitting targets for every insect, two- and four-legged creature, and air-borne fungus and bacteria that swirls around them. But they're not defenseless, we've learned. Under pressure from millions of years of attacks, they've evolved to produce compounds that repel these predators. Known as phyotochemicals,

UNHCR: Urgent European action needed to stop rising refugee and migrant deaths at sea

favicon UNHCR
4 mentions6 hours ago
More than 800 people have died this year alone in the Mediterranean, many of them seeking safety from conflict and civil warMore than 260 people have died or been reported missing as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea towards Europe over the past ten days, the UN Refugee Agency has warned. Survivors reported disturbing incidents of mass drownings, suffocations and a suspected multiple stabbing. The grim tally brings to some 800 the total number of deaths at sea this year, compared to a total 600 deaths in 2013, and ...

Why Residential PACE Is Growing in Spite of Opposition From Federal Housing Lenders

favicon Greentech Media
4 mentions2 hours ago
Last fall, California's governor and treasury secretary came up with a plan to solve a longstanding conflict with federal housing authorities over residential property-assessed clean energy (PACE) programs.After years of a near standstill, residential PACE programs are back on the upswing in California and other states. And while ...

How the Israel-Palestine Peace Deal Died

favicon New Republic
5 mentions3 days ago
At around noon on March 20 last year, Air Force One landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport for Barack Obama’s first presidential visit to Israel.The three-day trip had been billed as an Israeli reset—the newly reelected president’s bid for a clean slate with the Jewish state after ...

What today’s Obamacare rulings really tell us

favicon Washington Post
2 mentions1 day ago
Only hours after Obamacare opponents celebrated the D.C Circuit Court’s decision invalidating subsidies to those on the federal exchange, the Fourth Circuit Court has now weighed in with precisely the opposite decision, upholding the IRS rule extending those subsidies.That was a short party wasn’t it? Now the story ...

Why YieldCos Are a Really Big Deal for the Clean Energy Industry

favicon Greentech Media
4 mentions4 hours ago
The biggest investors in the world are pouring their money into renewable energy projects. Want to join them? Now you can.Up until recently, it was nearly impossible for most investors to directly support solar, wind and other projects that offer stable returns. But YieldCos are changing that. In ...

Israeli shells hit UN shelter in Gaza

2 mentions4 hours ago
Last updated: 24 Jul 2014 13:44At least 15 people have been reported killed and 200 injured in the Israeli shelling of a UN school in northern Gaza that was being used as an emergency shelter. Al Jazeera's correspondent Nicole Johnston, reporting from Gaza, said the school in Beit ...

WATCH: Get Schooled With Dear White People Trailer

3 mentions3 hours ago
The politically charged film, which centers on a gay black college student, is scheduled for release October 17.Dear White People, the Sundance Film Festival darling about race at an elite college, has released its first official trailer. Directed and written by gay filmmaker Justin Simien, the film follows ...

Rescue at Sea

favicon Tracks
2 mentions9 hours ago
Without the binoculars, it didn’t look like much. Just a haze of blue and orange, bobbing gently on the horizon. Lifting the lenses to my eyes, I was able to make out more: a dilapidated boat, a sea of life vests and over 200 people packed on board.“You ...

Chart of the Day: When does a woman owe you sex?

2 mentions23 hours ago
Apparently, there’s an emerging trend of dudes tracking when their partners refuse sex and whining about the “excuses” they use. Hoping to nip this one in the bud, Elizabeth Plank put together a helpful chart to help you determine when a woman owes you sex:While a rampant sense ...

Op-ed: When It Comes to Stopping HIV, There Is No Silver Bullet

3 mentions6 hours ago
Recent attention has focused on innovative medical developments that could dramatically reduce the number of new HIV infections. But ensuring access to health care and medication so that people can benefit from these developments is equally important.While the epidemic has remained steady among much of the general population,

The war in Gaza threatens Egypt too

favicon Reuters
3 mentions1 day ago
Cairo’s efforts to mediate between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, according to conventional wisdom, have largely been dictated by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s animosity toward Hamas. After all, Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Sisi’s government has declared a terrorist organization and regards as ...

On Being a Tired Old Queen

3 mentions3 hours ago
The hookup atmosphere in nightlife may have died off, but now there’s room on the dance floor for an older generation. And you don’t even have to know who Liza is to have a good time with them. (But look up Liza, by the way.)One night, at a ...

What Happens If Obama Loses the Halbig Case?

favicon Mother Jones
8 mentions1 day ago
What Happens If Obama Loses the Halbig Case?So let's suppose the Halbig case goes up to the Supreme Court and they rule for the plaintiffs: in a stroke, everyone enrolled in Obamacare through a federal exchange is no longer eligible for subsidies. What happens then? Is Obamacare doomed?

Google’s $1M Challenge: A Laptop-Sized Solar Inverter

favicon Greentech Media
6 mentions3 hours ago
Back in May, Google announced its Little Box challenge, a $1 million prize for technology that can radically shrink the size and weight of inverters. This week, it opened the contest to applicants, announced the IEEE as a partner, and clarified just how small it’s hoping to get ...

The Apollo 11 Mission: 45 Years Later

favicon The White House
2 mentions1 day ago
Forty-five years ago today, two American astronauts -- Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong -- landed on the moon's Sea of Tranquility, and Neil Armstrong planted the first footprint on the surface of the moon. As he made those first steps, Armstrong uttered that simple phrase we still remember ...

IAEA worried about slow progress in Iran nuclear probe: sources

favicon Reuters
2 mentions2 days ago
VIENNA (Reuters) - The U.N. nuclear watchdog is concerned about Iran's current lack of engagement with an investigation into its suspected atomic bomb research, ahead of a deadline next month for Tehran to step up cooperation, diplomatic sources said on Tuesday.Western officials want Iran to address questions by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on allegations of past efforts to develop a nuclear weapons capability, something the country denies. They say Iran clarifying the IAEA's concerns would also influence a diplomatic push by six world powers to negotiate an end ...

White House White Board: Vice President Biden on Rebuild America

favicon YouTube
2 mentions1 day ago
In this installment of the White House White Board series, Vice President Biden takes the pen and discusses the importance of transportation infrastructure investment in America. Learn more at

Exclusive: A US-backed militia runs amok in Afghanistan

favicon Al Jazeera America
3 mentions14 hours ago
KABUL, Afghanistan — Before dawn on June 1, a group of U.S. special forces and Afghan army commandos arrived by helicopter to the east of Alizai, a farming hamlet in Andar district in Taliban-controlled territory in central Afghanistan. They moved from house to house, arresting any fighting-age men ...

The Strange Relationship Between Global Warming Denial and…Speaking English

favicon Mother Jones
9 mentions1 day ago
Here in the United States, we fret a lot about global warming denial. Not only is it a dangerous delusion, it's an incredibly prevalent one. Depending on your survey instrument of choice, we regularly learn that substantial minorities of Americans deny, or are skeptical of, the science of ...

785 of This Year's Unaccompanied Migrants Were Under 6 Years Old

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions2 days ago
785 of This Year's Unaccompanied Migrants Were Under 6 Years OldLittle kids, including a troubling number of children age five or younger, make up the fastest-growing group of unaccompanied minors apprehended at the US border in fiscal year 2014. So far this year, nearly 7,500 kids under 13 ...

Al Jazeera reporters evacuate Gaza offices after shots fired

favicon Reuters
2 mentions2 days ago
GAZA (Reuters) - Reporters from the Qatari television channel Al Jazeera evacuated their newsroom in Gaza City on Tuesday, saying an Israeli soldier had fired two shots into the building.An Israeli military spokeswoman said she was unaware of any such action, adding that there was a lot of ...

Russia Conspiracy Theories Trap Putin Malaysia Airlines MH17

favicon New Republic
16 mentions3 days ago
Did you know Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was full of corpses when it took off from Amsterdam? Did you know that, for some darkly inexplicable reason, on July 17, MH17 moved off the standard flight path that it had taken every time before, and moved north, toward rebel-held ...

Israel pounds Gaza despite international peace efforts

favicon Reuters
3 mentions2 days ago
GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel pounded targets across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, saying no ceasefire was near as top U.S. and United Nations diplomats pursued talks on halting the fighting that has claimed more than 600 lives.U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry held discussions in neighbouring Egypt, while U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv and later with the Palestinian prime minister in the occupied West Bank. However, there was no let-up in the fighting around Gaza, with plumes of black smoke spiralling into ...

Shark nets should come down to save whales, says Australian expert

favicon the Guardian
4 mentions7 hours ago
Sea World calls for net review after a whale survives shark net entanglement and newborn drowns off a Gold Coast beach A marine expert has renewed calls to review the use of shark nets off Gold Coast beaches after a young whale became trapped. The exhausted humpback calf ...

An Extreme Court Decision Threatens Obamacare

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
Talk about a David and Goliath case. On Monday, a guy from West Virginia who doesn't want to pay $21 a year for health insurance scored a victory over the Obama administration in a lawsuit that could deprive nearly 5 million Americans of their newly won health care.In ...

EU readies possible capital, tech sanctions on Russia

favicon Reuters
2 mentions2 days ago
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union threatened Russia on Tuesday with harsher sanctions over Ukraine that could inflict wider damage on its economy following the downing of a Malaysian airliner, but it delayed action for a few days.Efforts to forge a united front were hampered by a French announcement that the planned delivery of a warship to Moscow would go ahead despite U.S. and British pleas to halt it. At a meeting in Brussels, EU foreign ministers for the first time raised the possibility of restricting Russian access to European ...

Study Finds Kids Prefer Healthier Lunches. School Food Lobby Refuses to Believe It.

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
Study Finds Kids Prefer Healthier Lunches. School Food Lobby Refuses to Believe It.From all of the commotion around the new federal school lunch standards, you'd think they were really Draconian. Republican legislators have railed against them. Districts have threatened to opt out. The School Nutrition Association (SNA), the ...

Be Still, My Heart: Beyoncé As Rosie the Riveter

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions23 hours ago
Be Still, My Heart: Beyoncé As Rosie the RiveterOn Tuesday, Beyoncé, a whisper of perfection in an otherwise cruel and inhumane world, posted this photo of her as Rosie the Riveter to Instagram. Beyoncé has become somewhat of a feminist hero recently, putting overtly feminist lyrics into her ...

Inside Anonymous' Cyberwar Against the Israeli Government

favicon Mother Jones
5 mentions2 days ago
The shadowy hacker collective known as Anonymous has announced it will launch a round of cyber-attacks this Friday against the Israeli government, in retaliation for Israel's ongoing military intervention in Gaza. This onslaught would add to a wave of cyber assaults staged in recent weeks by hackers largely ...

BREAKING: Federal Judge Strikes Down Colo. Marriage Ban

5 mentions19 hours ago
While the ruling found that Colorado's constitutional amendment prohibiting marriage equality violates the U.S. Constitution, the decision came with a stay until August 25.Named plaintiffs in the federal suit challening Colorado's marriage ban, Kate Burns (left) and her partner Sheila Schroeder A federal judge ruled today that Colorado's ...

The (Possibly) Frightening Implications of the Halbig Case

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
The (Possibly) Frightening Implications of the Halbig CaseIn the Halbig case that struck down subsidies on federal Obamacare exchanges earlier today, one of the key issues was deference to agency interpretation of the law. Longstanding precedent holds that courts should generally defer to agency interpretations as long as they're plausible. They don't have to be perfect. They don't even have to be the best possible interpretations. They merely have to make sense. The DC circuit court decided that there really wasn't any serious ambiguity in the law, and therefore no ...

Inside the remote, secretive detention center for migrant families

favicon Vox
5 mentions3 hours ago
Hundreds of migrant families who have entered the US from Central America are being held in detention while they wait to be processed. Over 600 people are being held in the main facility, in Artesia, NM. The government is working to deport these families as quickly as possible,

Europe Agrees to Levy Moderate New Sanctions Against Russia

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
Europe Agrees to Levy Moderate New Sanctions Against RussiaThe EU will widen its sanctions against Russia to include more individuals and consider targeting the defence sector, the Dutch foreign minister says. Frans Timmermans said "unanimous" and "forceful" decisions had been taken on enhanced sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine conflict. ....A new sanctions list naming individuals and organisations will be drawn up by EU ambassadors by Thursday, Mr Timmermans told reporters after meeting his EU colleagues in Brussels. He said there was also agreement that the European Commission would look ...

The Advocate Wins Two NLGJA Journalism Awards

3 mentions19 hours ago
The Advocate's Sunnivie Brydum and Michelle Garcia were announced as among the winners of this year's Excellence in Journalism Awards.The National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association announced the winners of its 2014 Excellence in Journalism Awards on Wednesday. In its print and online reporting category, The Advocate garnered ...

The Latest Legal Attack Against Obamacare

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
The Latest Legal Attack Against ObamacareToday, the US District Court for the District of Columbia* will hear arguments in one of the last lingering legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act. The suit, Halbig v. Sebelius, argues that a single phrase in the law creates a loophole big ...

For Republicans, It's All Going According to Plan

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
For Republicans, It's All Going According to PlanSteve Benen draws a contrast today between an activist president who's at least trying to get things done, and a dysfunctional Congress than can't even make the attempt: Remember the VA crisis? Lawmakers quickly approved a reform bill, which now appears likely to fail because of House Republicans’ reluctance to compromise. Remember the plan to address the border crisis? The plan was for Congress to act before taking August off, but that now appears unlikely, too. The effort to extend unemployment benefits is ...

Subprime Loans Are Back With a Vengeance

3 mentions2 hours ago
Just when you thought that the subprime mess might be winding down, the truth is that it’s coming back with a vengeance. Even though Citibank recently received the largest penalty ever issued against a financial institution for subprime mortgage loans, toxic loans are showing up for another product: ...

Car Loans Could Be the Next Subprime Crisis. Thanks, Republicans!

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions2 days ago
Car Loans Could Be the Next Subprime Crisis. Thanks, Republicans!Would you buy a subprime-loan crisis from this man? A new New York Times investigation reveals that used car dealers are doling out giant loans to millions of poor Americans with bad credit. Many of these dealers are using ...

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Lessons From New York: How Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath Is Creating a Smarter Power System

favicon Greentech Media
3 mentions8 hours ago
It’s ironic that a storm -- one that caused widespread blackouts that left millions of Americans in the dark -- is finally helping us see the light.Hurricane Sandy brought devastation and loss to the Eastern Seaboard. The storm exposed the severe vulnerability of our electricity infrastructure and made ...

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