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Q&A: Tom Perez Makes His Case

Original story at The American Prospect• 3 mentions • 4 months ago

The American Prospect 4 months ago

As labor secretary, Tom Perez turned the Labor Department from a backwater federal agency into a powerhouse player in advancing President Obama’s second-term agenda. Before that, he took a demoralized Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and brought it back to life. Now he’s running to be the Democratic National Committee Chair as he tries to make the case that he can perform a similar turnaround on the party’s languishing machinery. Perez and Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison are considered the frontrunners amid a field of several other candidates. Usually a more under-the-radar position, the chair race has turned into a ...
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15 Feb
Dirk Lester @Dirk2112
The former labor secretary talks about why he’s the person who can turn around the Democratic Party. https://t.co/Lb27tLJVxL
13 Feb
American Prospect @theprospect
RT @by_jmiller: I talked with @TomPerez about why he thinks he's uniquely qualified to turn around the DNC: https://t.co/Jx1J78nA4F