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How the Cool Kids Killed Obama's Grassroots Movement

favicon Civic Hall
21 mentions5 hours ago
Eight years ago, I was trapped inside the Obama Presidential Transition office in Washington, D.C., watching the life and soul drain out of the thing we had birthed and nurtured ...

Polling: Voters Support Marijuana Law Reform By Record Numbers

favicon NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform
3 mentions1 day ago
ABNORML NEWS (29) ACTIVISM (1,576) NORML Chapters (34) Advocacy (107) Business (4) Community Organizing (33) Courts (17) Decriminalization (3) ECONOMICS (55) EDUCATION (94) Election (49) ENTERTAINMENT (28) FAMILIES (58) GOVERNMENT ...

The Case for Tom Perez Makes No Sense

favicon New Republic
30 mentions38 minutes ago
On Saturday, members of the Democratic National Committee will gather in Atlanta, Georgia, to choose their leader. With the party in shambles in statehouses across the country, and with Republicans ...

Here's how liberal activists astroturfed town hall protests against Rep. Tom Reed (#NY23)

favicon Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
8 mentions4 hours ago
You probably have seen viral videos of the disruption of town halls held by Congressman Tom Reed. The media narrative is that there was an organic, grassroots uprising by concerned ...

The Daily 202: Will anti-Trump backlash let Democrats win the Georgia special election to replace Tom Price?

favicon Washington Post
5 mentions1 day ago
With Breanne Deppisch THE BIG IDEA: ROSWELL, Ga. — National Democrats are deploying resources to Georgia in hopes that the special election to replace Tom Price becomes a referendum on ...

NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

favicon NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform
3 mentions4 days ago
ABNORML NEWS (29) ACTIVISM (1,576) NORML Chapters (34) Advocacy (107) Business (4) Community Organizing (33) Courts (17) Decriminalization (3) ECONOMICS (55) EDUCATION (94) Election (49) ENTERTAINMENT (28) FAMILIES (58) GOVERNMENT ...

Being pro-life means caring about all of human life. That includes being pro-refugee.

favicon Vox
4 mentions5 hours ago
On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States. This result came as a surprise to many because polls confidently predicted a Hillary ...

Town hall fury: If the Republicans think this is bad wait until Trump voters turn on them too

favicon The Independent
7 mentions22 hours ago
Quaintly, they are called surgeries in Britain, those days when Parliament is dark and members return home to ask constituents what ails them, bandages and salve in hand. In America,

It’s Corruption, Stupid

favicon Medium
3 mentions5 hours ago
How the Democratic Party Failed, and How We Come Back I. Ground Zero In the months after Donald Trump’s stunning victory to become the President of the United States, the ...

Conservatives Urged Not to 'Squander' The Trump Presidency

favicon time.com
2 mentions22 hours ago
PhilippinesPhilippine President Rodrigo Duterte's Fiercest Critic Has Been ArrestedCrimeA Deadly Shooting in A Kansas Bar May Have Been Racially Motivated, Witnesses SayMalaysiaMalaysian Police Say a Nerve Agent Was Used in ...

Conservative activists to mobilize amid anti-Trump protests

favicon Fox News
14 mentions1 week ago
As liberal protesters step up confrontations with Republican lawmakers, leaders of the original Tea Party movement that wrote the book on those tactics are reassembling their political army – dispatching ...


favicon Washington Post
5 mentions2 days ago
President Trump and the Obama administration share a stance toward protests at town halls: Meh. Here's Trump on Tuesday evening in response to flare-ups at GOP town halls in recent ...

Keith Ellison and the Stakes for the Democrats

favicon Common Dreams
5 mentions2 days ago
Published on by The Populist Buzz Keith Ellison, the Minnesota congressman who’s running to lead the Democratic National Committee (DNC), won’t fix everything that’s wrong with the Democratic Party. But ...

Do You Really Want To Talk “Town Halls”? #ColdAnger Never Forgets…

favicon The Last Refuge
3 mentions16 hours ago
Obviously everyone is seeing the Astroturf attendees to various Town Hall events promoted by a Very Fake News media apparatus.Everyone knows the ruse, because astroturf activism is a consistently deployed ...

Amid Backlash, Conservatives Push GOP on Obamacare

favicon RealClearPolitics
4 mentions1 day ago
Story Stream recent articles Video: Global Warming Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit ... Article: Global Warming Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit ... Article: Global Warming Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit ... Entry: Global ...

DNC: Disrespecting Bernie Sanders And Arrogance Lost 2016 Election, Not Russia

favicon The Inquisitr News
8 mentions3 days ago
While the evidence that President Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to manipulate our election warrants serious investigation, with some claiming it could be cause for impeachment or ...

Obama’s Shadow Presidency

favicon Frontpage Mag
22 mentions6 days ago
Former President Obama is waging war against the Trump administration through his generously funded agitation outfit, Organizing for Action, to defend his monumentally destructive record of failure and violent polarization.

Susan Sarandon Incites Meltdown of Clinton Supporters With Question About Corruption

favicon Observer
15 mentions3 days ago
One of the worst post-election analyses is blaming actress Susan Sarandon for Hillary Clinton’s loss. Sarandon was one of few celebrities who supported Green Party candidate Jill Stein over Clinton,

Women Are Leading the Pro-Science Resistance

favicon Vice
5 mentions1 day ago
Like many molecular biologists—and, for that matter, plenty of condensed matter physicists and materials engineers—Dr. Maryam Zaringhalam is not one for crowds."Shout-out to all the introverts that are here screaming ...

Statements from Ray Buckley and Keith Ellison

favicon Ray for DNC
7 mentions2 days ago
WASHINGTON DC – New Hampshire Democratic State Party Chair Ray Buckley and Congressman Keith Ellison released the following statements announcing Chairman Buckley’s support for Keith Ellison for DNC Chair: “From ...

These people are hacking their cars to drive themselves, and it’s legal

favicon MIT Technology Review
10 mentions2 days ago
Who needs a Tesla when you can build your own automated copilot using free hardware designs and software available online? by Tom Simonite February 21, 2017 Brevan Jorgenson’s grandma kept ...

The Resistance Is Winning As Trump Whines About Senate Democrats Refusing To Work With Him

favicon Politicus USA
5 mentions5 days ago
President Trump complained that Senate Democrats aren’t working with him during his rally in Florida. One of the reasons why Senate Democrats are rejecting Trump is because millions of Americans ...

Buckley exits DNC chair race, backs Ellison

favicon CNN
4 mentions5 days ago
Ellison has also received backing from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders The DNC leadership election is scheduled for February 25 (CNN)New Hampshire Democratic State Party Chairman Ray Buckley announced Saturday that ...

Perez cites history of LGBT support in run for DNC chair

favicon Washington Blade: Gay News, Politics, LGBT Rights
4 mentions4 days ago
After high-level service in the Obama administration that included fighting for LGBT rights at both the Labor and Justice Departments, Tom Perez is looking to become the next Democratic National ...

New Jersey Congressman Latest to Face Boisterous Town Hall

favicon time.com
2 mentions1 day ago
2018 electionRepublican Governors Already Have an Advantage in the Next ElectionawardsHere’s How Many Oscars La La Land Is Likely to WinMental Health/PsychologyWhy Mental Illness Can Fuel Physical DiseaseBlack History Month12 ...

Red-State Dems Thread the Needle in Working With Trump

favicon RealClearPolitics
4 mentions3 days ago
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Anti-Trump anger has prompted a surge in resistance to New York's GOP-enabling IDC 'Democrats'

favicon Daily Kos
4 mentions3 days ago
How do you know that the IDC—the eight-member junta composed of turncoat Democrats who ensure GOP control of New York's state Senate—is finally feeling the heat? Because they're now engaged ...

Trump voters expect the president to lead on clean energy

favicon ThinkProgress
10 mentions1 week ago
By Laura A. Shepard Angel Garcia, a 41-year-old attorney from the south side of Chicago, is as passionate about clean energy as he is about deep-dish pizza and the Chicago ...

50 Shades of Phoenix: Arizona gov candidate spills spicy sex life details

favicon Fox News
6 mentions2 days ago
An Arizona gubernatorial candidate is going to extreme lengths to back up his calls for honesty and openness in politics, by spilling the details of his colorful personal history on ...

Protests out of 'nowhere': Five lessons from the organizers behind the #NoBanNoWall airport protests

favicon The Huffington Post
6 mentions13 hours ago
By Emily Andrews The afternoon President Trump signed his executive order issuing a temporary ban prohibiting the entry into the United States of migrants from seven Muslim countries and refugees ...

Campaign: #TheGreekFiles

favicon Diem25 - Democracy in Europe Movement 2025
12 mentions4 days ago
Sign the petition! Deep in a vault in the headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) lie #TheGreekFiles, a legal opinion about the ECB’s actions towards Greece in 2015 that ...

Break the Bureaucracy!

favicon City Journal
5 mentions2 days ago
Among the opportunities presented by Donald Trump’s election is that we may finally witness fundamental reform of America’s administrative state. This is no small thing, for administrative agencies—often called the ...

Meet the anti-Trump protesters tapping the Tea Party’s playbook

favicon Newsweek
4 mentions1 week ago
Doug Todd had never organized a political event, and before February, he had never even been to a protest. But several weeks ago, he helped pack 200 people into the ...

Q & A with #CalExit Leader on California's Secession Movement

favicon Breitbart
8 mentions3 days ago
SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER A soft-spoken teacher who openly admits he voted for Donald Trump, and who once worked as a grassroots activist opposing same-sex marriage, Marinelli’s hero is ...

I’m supporting Keith Ellison, and you should too.

favicon Medium
2 mentions2 days ago
Fellow Democrats, From the moment I stepped into this race, I made it clear that the top two priorities of the next DNC Chair must be to strengthen state parties ...

Donald Trump Has Already Broken Promises on Immigration

favicon The Daily Beast
3 mentions1 week ago
Not only has the president failed to ‘immediately’ reverse Obama’s ‘executive amnesty’ protecting young Dreamers from deportation, his advisers are signaling he has no plans to do so.Mark Krikorian is ...

Reviving Libertarianism

favicon The American Conservative
3 mentions16 hours ago
American politics is awhirl. Donald Trump’s transformation of the right is the clearest sign of it. But the left is reborn, too—in outraged opposition to the new president and with ...

What just-confirmed Scott Pruitt means for the environment and jobs

favicon Mic
3 mentions7 days ago
The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency is an avowed critic of the federal organization he will now lead. The Oklahoma attorney general will take over an EPA that ...

The next leader of the Conservatives is ... one of these 14

favicon thestar.com
3 mentions6 days ago
OTTAWA—A reality television personality and political outsider is the perceived frontrunner in a large field of experienced politicians, and to the party establishment’s surprise, could end up leading conservatives into ...

Plate of the Union: New Campaign Will Activate Consumers for Healthy Food and Sustainable Farm Policy

favicon EWG
3 mentions1 day ago
Contact: Alex Formuzis(202) 667-6982WASHINGTON – Every five years, the government passes an almost-trillion-dollar piece of legislation that profoundly impacts food and farm policy. For decades, big agribusiness has dominated the ...

Social Innovation Comes to Pennsylvania Avenue (SSIR)

favicon ssir.org
3 mentions2 days ago
Three weeks to the day after Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the US presidential election, David Wilkinson stood before an anxious audience of leaders in philanthropy, technology, and social policy ...

The GOP Needs to Pass Reforms While There's Time

favicon Commentary Magazine
2 mentions1 week ago
Politics & IdeasThe GOP has a narrow window to get their agenda through. 2017-02-16So far, 2017 is what 2009 looked like on Earth 2. Republicans are beset by angry constituents ...

Arizona to Give Marijuana Legalization Another Try

favicon High Times
2 mentions1 week ago
Marijuana legalization came within 70,000 votes in Arizona of having a perfect record on Election Day. Of the five states with adult-use cannabis legalization measures on the ballot, Arizona’s Prop.

Mike Pence, Betsy DeVos and the Klan’s Long Shadow

favicon inthesetimes.com
2 mentions1 week ago
"The promise of a crusade for a purified Christian America is precisely why evangelicals overwhelmingly gave Trump their vote." Vice President Mike Pence, who likes to say that he is ...

Support For Erdogan In Referendum Splits Turkey’s Nationalists

favicon The Globe Post
2 mentions1 week ago
Turkish society is bitterly divided. Polarization cleavage is so deep that it is evident in every walks of life in Turkey. Social discord did not only repel groups with different ...

Black Power!

favicon The New York Public Library
3 mentions7 days ago
On view in the Main Exhibition Hall Curated by Dr. Sylviane A. Diouf The concept of Black Power was introduced by Stokely Carmichael and fellow Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) ...

East Asia’s Role in Global Social Innovation (SSIR)

favicon ssir.org
2 mentions3 days ago
Misfortune can be a blessing in disguise. Good luck can dwell in misfortune, but misfortune can also arise from good luck.—Lao Tzu1 This special supplement examines the different ways that ...

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