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A grassroots petition seeks to rein in Obama's war on vaping

favicon Washington Examiner
3 mentions3 days ago
When the Obama administration finalized a rule in May of last year that classified vapor products as "tobacco," it set in motion a two-year march towards the type of prohibition ...

Obama Holdover Colluded With Unions to Pressure Congress on Budget Cuts

favicon The Daily Signal
5 mentions5 days ago
An Obama administration appointee with deep ties to labor unions promoted a grassroots campaign to reverse the Trump administration’s proposal to eliminate funding for the federal regulatory board he sits ...

"I'm a pro-choice activist. Democrats cannot waver on abortion rights."

favicon Vox
15 mentions2 days ago
Shortly after the Trump inauguration, I attended a dinner party with a progressive group of friends who work in and around politics. The immersive grief we and half the nation’s ...

Las Vegas NORML Ramps up Advocacy Efforts

favicon NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform
4 mentions7 days ago
ABNORML NEWS (30) ACTIVISM (1,625) NORML Chapters (50) Advocacy (147) Business (5) Citizen Lobbyists (19) Community Organizing (55) Courts (18) Decriminalization (13) ECONOMICS (55) EDUCATION (96) Election (52) ENTERTAINMENT (29) ...

New York’s Renegade Democrats Face Growing Calls To Rejoin Party Fold

favicon The Huffington Post
4 mentions1 day ago
National Democratic leaders called on a group of breakaway Democrats in the New York state senate to stop caucusing with Republicans after a special election upheld the party’s majority in ...

Tee Hee: California Progressives Allege Voter Fraud in Democrat Party Election, Demand Voter ID

favicon Townhall
7 mentions3 days ago
Earlier this month, we highlighted a popcorn-worthy story of former DNC workers suing the Democratic Party -- ostensible champions of the little guy -- over sub-minimum wage salaries, and an ...


favicon TruthFeed
3 mentions6 days ago
Tomi Lahren announced she will be joining a leading pro-Trump advocacy group. This will fit her true philosophy much better since we all known Glenn Back was a disgraceful “NeverTrumper.” ...

Greitens nonprofit lobbies for legislation, but isn't registered to lobby

favicon stltoday.com
4 mentions4 days ago
JEFFERSON CITY • Despite organizing and spending money on a rally at the Capitol Tuesday, the nonprofit formed to push Gov. Eric Greitens’ agenda has not formally registered as an ...

Parent power: The secret weapon that swept in change for public education in Los Angeles

favicon LA School Report
3 mentions2 days ago
Many point to record outside spending for the vote this month that brought a new pro-reform majority to the LA Unified school board. But what really made the difference is ...

Fighting the Koch Brothers for Transparency in South Dakota

favicon WhoWhatWhy
5 mentions2 days ago
In early February, a plane soared over South Dakota’s capitol building, tugging a banner that read:“Shame on you. Respect our vote.” Inside the Senate chamber, legislators didn’t seem to get ...

Corporate Lobbyist Becomes Chair of the California Democratic Party, Confirms the Need for a New People's Party

favicon Draft Bernie For a People's Party
3 mentions1 week ago
For Immediate Release: May 20, 2017 BREAKING: Corporate lobbyist Eric Bauman just became chair of the California Democratic Party. His achievements include taking $100,000 from pharmaceutical companies to block the ...

Trump’s Presidency Would Not Have Been Possible Without Clintonism

favicon The Progressive Army
4 mentions3 hours ago
There was a time when the Democratic Party was considered the party of movements and changing the status quo. Democrats were champions of equality, the working class, the New Deal,

How The U.S. Can Achieve Gender Parity In Politics Before The Year 2117

favicon refinery29.com
8 mentions4 hours ago
When it comes to women holding political office, the U.S. is still way behind much of the world. American politics won't be gender equal until 2117 if progress continues at ...

Brazilian President Temer: 'I won't resign. Oust me if you want'

favicon Reuters
3 mentions6 days ago
BRASILIA Brazilian President Michel Temer, facing growing calls for his resignation amid a corruption scandal, will not step down even if he is formally indicted by the Supreme Court, he ...

Exporting Deportation

favicon jacobinmag.com
2 mentions5 days ago
Immigrants’ rights activists are under pressure to quickly find the way forward in the Trump era. Although the Obama years were hardly easy for activists, a liberal administration presented opportunities ...

The Rouhani Factor

favicon Project Syndicate
2 mentions6 days ago
PALO ALTO – Iran’s presidential election on May 19 was paradoxical and potentially pivotal. It began as a sleepy affair – a likely victory for the incumbent, Hassan Rouhani, running ...

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