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Meet the man who may end gerrymandering: A retired Wisconsin law professor’s Supreme Court case could save democracy

favicon Salon
23 mentions18 hours ago
Gerrymandering, the process of drawing distorted legislative districts to undermine democracy, is as old as our republic itself. Just as ancient: the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to get involved and determine ...

Fixing Gerrymandering Doesn’t Just Fix Who Is Sent to Office. It Adjusts How They Govern.

favicon Slate Magazine
24 mentions4 days ago
In early March, Anitere Flores, the second ranking Republican in the Florida state Senate, handed the NRA and its allies a stunning defeat. She said she would vote against a ...

Georgia Dems normally raise $10,000 for this House seat. This April they’ll have $3 million.

favicon Vox
28 mentions13 hours ago
ROSWELL, Georgia — On a sunny Sunday in mid-February, Carly Barber, 54, spends her morning and afternoon going door-to-door for Jon Ossoff, the leading Democrat running for the Georgia House ...

Trump narrowly won North Carolina, but the GOP's legislative gerrymanders gave them huge majorities

favicon Daily Kos
4 mentions3 days ago
Daily Kos Elections’ project to calculate the 2016 presidential results for every state legislative seat in the nation hits North Carolina, one of the worst gerrymanders anywhere. You can find ...

Trump's a Dictator? He Can't Even Repeal Obamacare

favicon POLITICO Magazine
14 mentions18 hours ago
Back in January, I argued in these pages that whatever President Donald Trump’s proclivities towards being a strongman ruler, the American system of checks and balances in the end had ...


favicon Washington Post
4 mentions15 hours ago
As the vote loomed last week, President Trump told members of the House Republican Caucus that if they didn’t pass the American Health Care Act, “I believe many of you ...

Gorsuch may fall short of votes needed for smooth Supreme Court confirmation

favicon Washington Post
5 mentions2 days ago
Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, may fall short of the votes needed for smooth passage in the Senate next week, potentially dashing Republican hopes for an easy ...

Far Left Democracy Alliance Summit Mentions Key NC Progressives ⋆ American Lens

favicon American Lens
2 mentions19 hours ago
Far Left Democracy Alliance focused its latest summit on Obama and Holder’s “National Democratic Redistricting Committee.” Watch millions pour into this thing. Via Washington Free Beacon: The gathering, hosted by ...

Why Obama's Retirement Is Totally Different From Every Other President

favicon ATTN:
10 mentions2 days ago
After retiring, some former presidents dedicate their time to apolitical, benevolent causes, such as George W. Bush's return to Texas to take up painting. Then there is former President Barack ...

Democrats, once threatened by Trump, see little reason to worry

favicon Washington Post
2 mentions18 hours ago
President Trump meets with Democratic senators tonight, but he has already put them on notice. On Friday, he announced that the American Health Care Act had been pulled by warning ...

Russiagate and the Democratic Party are for Chumps

favicon www.counterpunch.org
11 mentions3 days ago
The orange-tinted freakshow that is Donald Trump should be removed from the White House and sent to some filthy, rat-infested dungeon with a sentence of Life Without Twitter. The same ...

The King of Crash and Burn

favicon nytimes.com
5 mentions2 days ago
The failure of Republicans to come together behind their horrible plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act — even though they now control both houses of Congress and ...

Health care bill's 'Buffalo Bribe' detonates across New York

favicon POLITICO
16 mentions6 days ago
ALBANY — They call it the ‘Buffalo Bribe.’ Or the ‘Tammany Haul.’ Or the ‘Knickerbocker Kickback.’ However you refer to the ploy to change the way New York funds Medicaid,

Gerrymandering keeps pawns of the NRA in office

favicon rawstory.com
17 mentions1 week ago
Virginia is a purple state. Its statewide elected offices—governor, Lt. governor and attorney general—are all held by Democrats. To the casual observer or someone outside Virginia politics, one would expect ...

Huge: Court strikes down Texas' Republican-drawn congressional map for illegal racial gerrymandering

favicon Daily Kos
2 mentions7 days ago
Late on Friday, a federal district court finally issued its long-awaited ruling in the lawsuit over Texas’ Republican-drawn congressional map shown at the top of this post (see here for ...

Will Suburban Activism Pave the Democratic Path to the House?

favicon The American Prospect
2 mentions2 days ago
This article appears in the Spring 2017 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here.On an unseasonably warm Friday evening in late February, more than 100 residents of Virginia’s Tenth ...

California Looms As Next Target For Vladimir Putin And Nigel Farage

favicon FreakOutNation
2 mentions1 day ago
The man who led Britain into Brexit disaster will now try to gather 500,000 signatures in a bid to nullify California’s power in the Electoral College. Their plan would make ...

Voter suppression and anti-union laws work in tandem when the GOP takes over a state's government

favicon Daily Kos
3 mentions3 days ago
Daily Kos Elections has previously written extensively about the impact of gerrymandering. As shown on the map below, states with 55 percent of congressional districts were drawn to favor Republicans ...


favicon Washington Post
10 mentions6 days ago
Within weeks of the November 2016 U.S. presidential election, social media posts expressing voters’ second thoughts began trending. While some Donald Trump voters felt he was backtracking on initial hard-line ...

Turning Progressive Activism Into a Winning Social Movement

favicon BillMoyers.com
6 mentions3 days ago
This post originally appeared at The Nation. In the wake of the catastrophic election of Donald Trump, we all know the left needs to get its act together. But how?

Obama-Backed Group Appears at Democracy Alliance Donor Strategy Summit

favicon Washington Free Beacon
7 mentions2 days ago
BY: A group backed by former President Barack Obama participated at a D.C. gathering of deep-pocketed progressive donors strategizing to "restore progressive government" and to ensure fair redistricting in upcoming ...

Hedge Fund CIO: "The Odds Of Trump Succeeding Are Zero In The Absence Of A New War"

favicon Zero Hedge
15 mentions6 days ago
by Tyler Durden Mar 19, 2017 3:23 PM We present the latest weekly anecdote, From Eric Peters, CIO Of One River Asset Management “You know what I dislike about my ...

Here's a Sexy Headline, Arnold Schwarzenegger: You're Right on Gerrymandering

favicon TheWrap
4 mentions4 days ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger says his campaign for more democratic elections may not make for a “sexy headline” — but at least he knows his facts. PolitiFact California confirms that the former ...

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Praised Voter Suppression Efforts

favicon BillMoyers.com
8 mentions5 days ago
This post originally appeared at The Nation. Few people in the Republican Party have done more to limit voting rights than Hans von Spakovsky. He’s been instrumental in spreading the ...

Court gives voting rights a major victory by blocking the North Carolina GOP's attempted power grab

favicon Daily Kos
6 mentions1 week ago
After Democrat Roy Cooper ousted then-GOP Gov. Pat McCrory in 2016, North Carolina’s Republican legislature used their illegally gerrymandered majority to engage in a flagrantly undemocratic power grab in a ...

Schwarzenegger taunts Trump over approval rating

favicon POLITICO
16 mentions1 week ago
Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger continued his very public feud with President Donald Trump, releasing a video Tuesday taunting the president for his falling approval ratings. “The ratings are in,

Voting Rights Roundup: Following GOP veto, Nevadans to vote on automatic voter registration in 2018

favicon Daily Kos
2 mentions4 days ago
● Arkansas: As expected, Arkansas’ Republican-dominated state legislature has approved a new voter ID law, which GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson will almost certainly soon sign. Republicans had passed a similar ...

The 3 Most Important Things You Can Do to Preserve Roe v. Wade

favicon Cosmopolitan
4 mentions16 hours ago
The Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act underscores Republicans' virulent opposition to safe, legal abortion and contraception. Beyond cutting off Medicaid for millions of low-income Americans,

Native Americans prepare to battle Trump over Utah national monument

favicon sacbee
8 mentions2 days ago
When word came down on Dec. 28 that President Barack Obama had created a 1.35 million-acre national monument called Bears Ears, Jonah Yellowman celebrated. So did leaders of his Navajo ...

ACA Repeal Circus Proves the GOP is a Failed Party with no Governing Ideas

favicon ReverbPress
3 mentions4 days ago
Washington, D.C. faces one of its most bizarre political impasses in American history. Today’s Republican party has more control over more levers of federal and state government at one time ...

We Must Filibuster Gorsuch’s Federalist Society Agenda

favicon Common Dreams
5 mentions6 days ago
Published on by People's Action Blog You probably have a better chance of becoming a judge in China without being a Communist than you have of making it to the ...

93 of America’s 100 Fastest-Growing Counties Went Trump

favicon LifeZette
5 mentions5 days ago
From deep red Texas to bright blue Oregon to purple Florida, America’s fastest-growing counties overwhelmingly are trending Republican. The latest population estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau make ...

Today’s Terrorists, Tomorrow’s Statesmen?

favicon National Review
4 mentions2 days ago
Yesterday in the House of Commons, U.K. leaders and MPs from all parties declared with restrained dignity and admirable unanimity that the terrorist who murdered a policeman and three other ...

when it comes to punishing blue cities for passing progressive local laws

favicon Salon
4 mentions6 days ago
For decades now, exaltation of small government has been a conservative talking point. It’s not, conservatives would strenuously claim, that they objected to federal efforts to protect civil rights or ...

Behind Neil Gorsuch's Rhetoric, His Record Suggests Aggressive Judge Wedded to Conservative Agenda

favicon Truthout
4 mentions1 week ago
STAY IN THE LOOP Make sure you have the latest news and analysis on the topics you care most about. Get Truthout's daily edition delivered to your inbox. We don't ...

Living In The Age Of Trump

favicon The Ring of Fire Network
3 mentions4 days ago
New York Times Best-Seller, Thomas Frank, joins Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder to talk about how the left has handled the loss of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and ...

Republican Power Grab In NC Shot Down By The Courts

favicon Liberals Unite
3 mentions1 week ago
Slate reports that “On Friday, a North Carolina state court ruled that most of the Republican-dominated legislature’s December power grab—which stripped authority from the incoming Democratic governor—violated the state constitution.

A Review of ‘In Full Colour’ by Rachel Doležal

favicon Quillette
3 mentions1 day ago
A review of In Full Color by Rachel Doležal. BenBella Books, Dallas, Texas (April 2017) 282pages. When I was a girl, my mother said wanting something too much often led ...

Steven Bannon Is The Link Between Donald Trump And Nigel Farage

favicon Heat Street
4 mentions1 week ago
Unsuccessful Nigel Farage has very little to do with Brexit, but Americans don’t know this. Farage fought and lost a bitter battle to run the Vote Leave side of the ...

In Deep-Red Western N.C., Revered Congressman Leads Charge Against GOP Bill

favicon Kaiser Health News
4 mentions7 days ago
HIGHLANDS, N.C. — In this corner of Appalachia, poverty takes a back seat to art galleries, country clubs, golf course communities, five-star restaurants and multimillion-dollar houses. From this perch, Rep.

Gorsuch's Selective View of 'Religious Freedom'

favicon The Atlantic
13 mentions1 week ago
As the Judiciary Committee hearings for Judge Neal Gorsuch begin, I retain my impression that he is in his way a splendid fellow, intelligent and hard working, and, as near ...

Ex-Senator Feingold launches new issue group

favicon Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
3 mentions5 days ago
Former US Sen. Russ Feingold says he is launching a new group that will advocate for voting rights, redistricting reform, campaign finance laws and the abolition of the Electoral College,

Diary: The Irish Border

favicon London Review of Books
3 mentions3 days ago
The centenary of the Easter Rising was carefully and elaborately marked in the Republic last year. Its leaders had proclaimed an Irish republic in which all citizens would be equal ...

Maryland House kills Gov. Hogan's redistricting plan

favicon baltimoresun.com
4 mentions7 days ago
For the second year in a row, the Democrat-controlled General Assembly rejected Republican Gov. Larry Hogan's plan to take away lawmakers' power to draw congressional districts. Without discussion, a key ...

Judge Gorsuch: Do You Back the ‘One Person, One Vote’ Principle?

favicon The Daily Beast
2 mentions7 days ago
Senators should ask the nominee what he said as a young clerk to Byron White that led the justice to ‘rethink’ his view on a linchpin of our democracy.Since 1964,

Very Low Energy: DNC Can't Count On Anti-Trump Fervor To Fill Their Coffers

favicon Townhall
3 mentions7 days ago
For all the passion, all the hatred, all the whining, all the dumpster fires, and all the protests, the Democratic National Committee hasn’t been able to fill the coffers by ...

Why Is Jason Chaffetz So Obsessed with Rosie O'Donnell?

favicon The Huffington Post
6 mentions1 week ago
WASHINGTON — In a bizarre campaign move, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) has called on supporters to help him “shut down” not the Democratic opponent he helped inspire to run against ...

Martin McGuinness: Terrorist or Peacemaker?

favicon aljazeera.com
3 mentions1 week ago
In death, as in life, Martin McGuinness divided opinion. The Daily Mail called the one-time Northern Ireland deputy first minster who died this week "Britain's Number One Terrorist". The Irish ...

The Violence of the 2017 Whitney Biennial

favicon Hyperallergic
5 mentions7 days ago
All art is political, so I don’t see this year’s Whitney Biennial as any more or less engaged with the terrain of politics than the institution’s previous biennials. What it’s ...

Trump's budget director: Maternity care is a 'local problem' so if you want it, change your state

favicon Daily Kos
2 mentions4 days ago
The Office of Management and Budget director is not usually a high-profile administration official. It can be an important role, but it’s usually someone only wonks know much about. Mick ...

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